Whether you prefer your beef grass-fed or grain-fed, we have options that are sure to please you.

Most of our herd is 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our cows eat a combination of Fescue, Bermuda, and Johnson grasses, which they graze upon or are fed as hay or round bale silage. We carefully monitor our cows’ intake to ensure proper nutrition while providing the variety that keeps them content. Through selective breeding, we are able to offer meat that is leaner than grain-fed beef but marbled well enough to yield tender, flavorful cuts.

If you prefer the taste and texture of grain-fed beef, West Ridge Farms can serve you, too! With the grain-fed consumer in mind, we feed some of our cows a special corn-free grain mix that doesn’t compromise their health. Their beautifully marbled meat is a result of substituting up to five percent of their diet with this high-fiber grain formula, which includes wheat and soybean co-products. Due to its high fiber content, this feed is digested much like grass, allowing the cows to spend less time adjusting to a higher-starch diet, yet the meat has the savor and composition that grain-fed consumers are seeking.

Whether selecting grass-fed or grain-fed, all of our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of two weeks to enhance tenderness and imparts a smooth, nutty flavor that is unlike any beef you have ever tried!