Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Half or Whole Steer from West Ridge Farms

Purchasing a half or whole steer is one of the most tasty, economical, safe, and environmentally friendly ways to provide beef for your family.

West Ridge beef is raised under our careful supervision: No added Hormones or Antibiotics, No Feedlot Confinement, All Vegetarian Diet which includes a small amount of grain by-products approved by the American Grass Fed Association here. Our processor is a Certified Humane Slaughter facility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much will my steer cost? What does this include?
A: Current pricing is as follows:
Half Steer- $7/lb dressing weight
Whole Steer- $7/lb dressing weight
This equates to a cost of $10-11 per pound of beef, which includes custom processing and delivery to your house or designated meeting place! For reference, our 90/10 Ground Beef Retails for $9/lb.

Q: How much meat will we receive from our half steer?
A: The list below is approximate and based on a steer dressing 550 lbs. Each steer is custom processed. Your actual breakdown of cuts can vary based on your personal preferences and the actual weight of your steer. This is only a guide.

• 8 Filet Mignon cut 1 ½” thick
• 10 NY Strips cut 1” thick
• 10 Ribeyes cut 1” thick
• 6-8 Sirloins cut 1” thick
• 1 Whole Flank 1-1.5 lbs
• 1 Whole Skirt Steak 1.5 lbs
• 2 Flat Iron Steaks- 8 oz each

Roasts (2-3 lbs)
• 5-7 Chuck Roasts (Bone-in)
• 3-4 English Roasts
• 2 Sirloin Tip
• 2 Eye of Round
• 2 Top Round
• 2 Bottom Round

Misc. Cuts
• 10-15 lbs Stew Beef (Cut 1 - 1 ¼”)
• 10 lbs Cube Steak
• 4-5 lbs Short Ribs
• 50-70 lbs Ground Beef (depending on fat content)
• 5-10 lbs Soup Bones
• Tongue, Heart, Liver

Q: What is the dressing weight?
A: The dressing weight is the weight of the carcass without the hide, internal organs, hooves, and head. Your steer will typically dress between 61-63% of their live weight.

Q: How does your processor package the beef? How long will WRF beef last in our freezer?
A: Our processor uses vacuum packaging which minimizes freezer burn and maximizes freshness. The shelf life of your beef will be a minimum of 1 year with some customers reporting upwards of 3 years of storage without freezer burn.

Q: How much freezer space do I need for my half or whole steer?
A: A half steer will require about 6 cubic feet of freezer space, while a whole steer will require 10-12 cubic feet.

Q: Can we purchase smaller quantities of beef?
A: WRF will, at times, keep a small selection of cuts on hand for farmers markets which are available for retail sale. While WRF does not typically sell quarter-steer quantities, we do encourage our customers to take advantage of price breaks and “Cow-Pool” and split a half or whole steer between family and friends.